Becca Spanked

Becca Spanked

If you want to hurt me ’til I scream, go ahead.” Seven-hundred elves sat in the pews, straight-backed and at attention, watching me expectantly. “Would you like that, Jade?” I asked the oriental beauty, running my hands through her feathers as I ran my dick through her cunt, “Would you like to be the leader of my new disciples?” With my free hand i grab on of her boobs while sucking on the other. The other boys all cheered and agreed with him.

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: Becca Spanked

He said that I was in that category so I should be happy. Her bulging eyes relaxed, her tense posture drooped, her feet slowed their cadence until they rested unmoving beneath her spread ass. “Never mind.” She finished. She nodded and said, “You’re doing great, baby.

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